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Welcome Message from the Chief:

On behalf of the men and women of the Union Beach Police Department, welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization. I’m honored to have the privilege of serving the community in the capacity of chief of police. The UBPD has been recognized internationally for “Excellence in policing.”

The dedicated professionals of UBPD consist of a force of 51 personnel; 18 sworn officers, 13 SLEO I & II officers, 9 police communication officers, 8 traffic/crossing officers, civilian record(s)s secretary - covering 25.60 miles (41.20 km) of roadway within a 2 square mile area... During special town event(s), the populus can swell from 8,000 to 15,000 and more...

The members of the UBPD truly care about the safety of our community and providing excellent customer service. Our staff responds to the public safety needs of the community with the most effective measures available within our existing resources with the primary focus of ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors.

We invite and encourage community members to take the opportunity to participate in our community-related programs and safety events throughout the year.

Our policing philosophy balances a foundation of traditional policing concepts with innovative and progressive methods to help evolve with our citizens into the future. Community problems are often best addressed by working in partnership with citizens; therefore, UBPD will continually strive to improve public relations and increase public confidence; the UBPD have been recognized internationally for 'Policing excellence'.


Chief of Police Michael J. Woodrow is a highly accomplished 28-year veteran of the force as well as a 21-year academic with a diverse amount of invaluable experience and expertise.  He is an accredited “Advanced” Chief Executive by the NJ State Chiefs of Police Association – presently serving on the International Association of Chiefs of Police - Police Research Advancement Section Board, legislative board of the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police as well as the legislative liaison for the Monmouth County Chiefs of Police Association and Bayshore Chiefs of Police Association. He began his law enforcement career having graduated from the OCPA Police Academy – Department of Law & Public Safety – State of NJ in 1993. Over the span of his career, Chief Woodrow has received over 33 commendations [Life Saving (resuscitation of a 1yr old infant), Meritorious (Rescue of a suicidal bridge jumper), Grand Cordon (Arrest of fleeing sexual assault suspect subsequent to gunfire) Excellent Service (Arrest of fleeing bank robber), Honorable (Successful investigation(s) and prosecution(s) of sex offenders), etc.] including the Silver Star for Bravery from the prestigious American Police Hall of Fame Miami, Florida in 1997; regarding the arrest of an armed convicted felon (RICO Statute) during the commission of an armed robbery. He is a member of the IACP, NJSCOP, MCCOP, BCOP and NJSPBA (Former Vice President NJSPBA 291). 

Chief Woodrow assisted in coordinating the logistical planning and policing of the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter’s arrival and visit to Union Beach, NJ with the United States Secret Service – 10/11/13 as well as having policed the 45th President Donald J. Trumps recent visit to Deal/Long Branch, NJ in 2020.  Additional dignitary visits under his watch have included, NJ Governor Chris Christie, NJ Governor Phil Murphy, US Senator Jeffrey Chiesa, US Senator Bob Menendez, US Senator Cory Booker, US Senator Declan O’Scanlon as well as many others… Early in his police career he was assigned to the International Olympic Public Safety Command Unit (Daily Assessment of Risk & Threat Unit – OPSC Section 53-12-201) beginning at the XIX Olympic Winter Games (X Team) in Salt Lake City, Utah – Jan-March 2002 [following the terrorist attacks of 9/11] the International XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada – Jan – Feb 2010, etc. He was also assigned to the Holy See Visit of Pope Francis to the United States in 2015.

He was officially recognized with his fellow officers for his heroic actions and rescue(s) of residents during the catastrophic events of Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 without regard for his own safety - by the Union Beach Mayor Paul J. Smith, Jr. and Governing Body, President of Georgian Court University Sister Rosemary Jeffries – among many other institution(s) and organization(s).


He is a former 13yr veteran SWAT team leader and member of the BTF Entry Team (SWAT – Special Weapons & Tactics) having been involved in numerous high-risk felony warrants, narcotics trafficking and weapons seizure entry(s) during his career. [BTF is an elite regional unit, used for exceptional situations that require specialized tactics, strategies, and methodologies – now integrated into MOCERT] He refined his trade craft early on having been trained in SWAT by its legendary founding members; LAPD SWAT P.O. Donald Anderson, Sgt. Albert Preciado, P.O. Louis Villalobos through the IACP.

He is considered an expert psychophysiological detection of deception examiner (Polygraph-Psychophysiologist) holding the Advanced & Specialized Training certification from the APA. He is a graduate of the prestigious United States Army Ft. Indiantown Gap, Pa – NCTC Psychophysiology (Polygraph) Program. Chief Woodrow was an invited main speaker at both the American Polygraph Association and National Polygraph Association International Conference(s). He has conducted and solved hundreds of investigations - often involving complex and sensitive interviews and examinations at the Federal, State, County, and Local level(s). The latter have included: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Robbery, White-Collar Crime, etc. Chief Woodrow has lectured and attended advanced training on psychophysiology (DSS – Defense Security Service, CIA, NSA, NGIA, FBI, etc.)

Chief Woodrow is a 21yr active NJ State Certified PTC Senior Police Instructor, having created and instructed police training curriculum to thousands of police recruits throughout the state (In-service/active police/law enforcement personnel as well) at the police academy - throughout the years on the following topics: Non-Verbal/Verbal Communications, De-escalation methodology, Officer Wellness, EDP, Civil Disturbance/Riot/Protest, SWAT, Note Taking & Report Writing , Patrol Concepts, Sniper Ambush, as well as many other topics… He completed with the London Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard, UK in 19’ - 'Advanced professional policing practice(s)' the birthplace of policing. In addition, Chief Woodrow is a 2002 graduate of the Florida Department of Public Safety Police Academy – Broward County College Police Academy.

He is also a highly renowned 21yr Adjunct Professor of Education and Criminal Justice having lectured at various college(s) and university(s) over the course of two decades: (Seton Hall University (SHU), Sussex College (SCC), Brookdale College (BCC), Oxford University – Oxfordshire, England – Lincoln College, etc.) He was honored by and ranked in the top 2 professors out of a remarkable 1,500,000 by US Media - Ratemyprofessors.com in 2011. With expertise in creating curriculum in the Liberal Arts based, Social Science Oriented programs – Education & Criminal Justice Department(s), he has lectured thousands of students implementing Powerpoint, Smart Board, Student/Teacher Virtual Web Base, etc. in the college classroom. Classes have included: Curriculum Development, Criminal/Forensic Investigation, Police Patrol Administration, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminology, Police Role in the Community, in addition to other core centered classes.  In addition to the latter, he is a member of the New Jersey Criminal Justice Educators Association and former chair of the Sussex College (SCC) Criminal Justice Program.  He presently serves on the Brookdale Community College Advisory Board.

Chief Woodrow received his M.A. (2000) from Seton Hall University (SHU) in Educational Administration & Supervision where he pursued his PhD in Higher Education.  In addition, he received the Leadership & Management Human Resource Development Training (HRDT) certification from SHU as well as the advanced professional development certification in integrating technology and promoting student success.  As a graduate student, he was a contributing guest writer for the school paper, the Setonian.

Chief Woodrow worked his way up the ranks within the force from the special division (SSHPD), patrol division, detective division, supervisory uniformed division, etc. to his present top-level executive position within the UBPD as Chief Executive/Chief of Police.  Since taking executive command, he has revolutionized and overhauled the department(s) Rules & Regulations, Policy’s & Procedures, Directives, etc. in a comprehensive 5-year plan. In addition, he has created, compartmentalized and transformed over 107 highly efficient specializations within the UBPD with a focus on training (Community Policing, De-escalation, Public Information, Narcotics, Civil Unrest Training, Honor Guard, Special Events, etc.) including the creation of the Special Operations Bureau/Branch [Numerous undercover operations in cooperation with our Federal, County and Local partners: “Operation Golden State”, "Operation On The Ropes", "Operation Finished Business" as well as many other Special Ops; responsible for dismantling criminal organizations and including the Search & Rescue Unit(s)- Aviation UAV (Drone) [Chief Woodrow holds a FAA Commercial 107 Pilot License (USAS)], Marine – HUMVEE/High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, ATV, Mobile Incident Command, etc. The latter has been involved in numerous successful rescue operations to date. Chief Woodrow initiated the overhaul of the new police communications radio system planned for integration in 2021.  He restructured the Table of Organization and made various other significant infrastructure and technological improvements throughout UBPD as well as the HQ interior design renovation.

The Chief has developed and implemented a number of innovative fiscal disciplines that have realized significant budgetary cost savings - thus, ensuring the UBPD to be an economically viable, financially responsible police agency while serving and protecting the citizens with the highest of standards. He holds the New Jersey State Department of Civil Service Certified Public Manager certificate. The latter is a comprehensive managerial and leadership program geared for supervisory personnel covering the evolution of managing in the public sector including work content skills, functional skills and economically based cost saving measures and strategies to be implemented in the modern workplace.  

Early in his undergraduate college work, Chief Woodrow became a New Jersey State Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) serving the UBEMS, holding the rank of 1st Lieutenant for the Union Beach Emergency Medical Service(s) having responded to numerous life threatening first-aid emergency calls for service. He is a former undefeated amateur boxer and standout soccer player and continues to train in Brazilian Jujitsu and Boxing.  He strives to promote a community policing style of leadership that stresses intelligent, partnership-oriented strategies involving community stakeholders, as well as various members of the criminal justice system.

Chief of Police Michael J. Woodrow - "Servire et Tueri in Aeternum!"


It is the mission of the Union Beach Police Department to preserve the peace and order, to protect life and property, to enforce the laws of the United States, the State of New Jersey, the Borough of Union Beach, and to protect and assist the residents and visitors alike.  "Servire et Tueri In Aeturnum!"

Union Beach Police Department 650 Poole Avenue Union Beach, NJ USA 07735 - HQ 732.264.0313



Union Beach Police Department - (Special Operations) Search & Rescue Unit is equipped to handle any given situation that presents itself. Search and rescue (SAR) is the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger.  Following the catastrophic events of Hurricane Sandy and under the new leadership of UBPD Police Chief Michael J. Woodrow in 2017, the SAR Unit was officially created under the Special Operations Branch.  The general field of search and rescue includes many specialty sub-fields, typically determined by the type of terrain the search is conducted over.  Traditionally areas that would be inaccessible are now accesible due to the unique capabilities of our fleet and the training and expertise of our officers.  Astonishingly, all vehicles, vessels, etc. in the SAR unit have been donated.