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Dear Friends,
I hope everyone made it through this winter of unpredictable temperatures we experienced from day-to-day and are ready to enjoy the warmer months and extended hours of daylight as we enter into Spring!
Please use the tab at the top of the website for the latest information on this project including from the weekly construction meetings for Phase 1 - Bayfront. Additional information will be provided as the project proceeds.
Monmouth County Mosquito Control personnel will come to your property and pick up as many as 10 car tires without rims. (click title for more information)
See additional information pertaining to street sweeping in the 2023 Winter Newsletter under "About Us"
AVOID THE LATE FEE BEGINNING FEB. 1ST. $15.00 PER DOG! January is dog license month in the Borough. Per the State of NJ, ALL dogs 7 months and older must be vaccinated and licensed. Rabies MUST NOT expire before November 1st of 2023. A late fee will be added to the license fee as of February 1st.
For a list of free rabies clinics in Monmouth County for January, please go to the Board of Health page under Departments.
When severe weather is forecast, we ensure our call centers are fully staffed. If you lose power, call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report your outage or report it online or via text messaging. Outage information is also available on our 24/7 Power Center Maps.
Immediately report downed wires to your local police or fire department by calling 911. Never go near a downed power line, even if you think it's no longer carrying electricity.
& Plan Now for Holiday Travel! Apply for a Passport at one of our Passport Offices.
Treasurer Muoio Urges Residents to Apply for the Senior Freeze Property Tax Reimbursement Program Before Oct. 31 Deadline
Checks Already Being Issued to Early Applicants (TRENTON) State Treasurer Elizabeth Maher Muoio is reminding residents eligible for the Senior Freeze property tax reimbursement program to apply for the benefit prior to the October 31, 2022 deadline.
New Jersey's Senior Freeze program reimburses eligible senior citizens and disabled individuals for increases in property taxes or mobile home park site fees on their principal residence. In recent years, the State has expanded eligibility for the Senior Freeze program by increasing the income limit by more than 30 percent since 2017, with many reimbursements topping out at over $1,000.
"The Senior Freeze program effectively protects qualified seniors and disabled New Jersians from facing property tax increases, making it easier for them to stay in the communities where many have spent decades," said Treasurer Muoio. "For those living on a fixed income, it can make all the difference. We encourage all eligible residents to take advantage of this important resource. We also encourage everyone to check out the eligibility requirements, even those who did not qualify in the past, because the increased income limit has made many more people eligible in recent years."
The Senior Freeze program is designed to "freeze" the burden of increasing real estate taxes for qualified applicants by establishing a base year of eligibility and comparing that base with any subsequent year. The difference is then refunded by the State annually. In order to qualify for the reimbursement, taxpayers must meet all the eligibility requirements for each year from the base year through the current application year. Eligibility must be continuous otherwise a new base year must be established.
Applications for the current 2021 Senior Freeze were mailed in February to the last address from which taxpayers filed. Anyone who did not receive a booklet should contact the New Jersey Division of Taxation's Senior Freeze Property Tax Reimbursement Information Line for assistance at 1-800-882-6597 (The U.S. Postal Service does not forward application booklets).
Treasury is currently working on the creation of a direct online filing service to improve the speed, convenience, and accuracy of the filing process for Senior Freeze recipients, which is expected to be available in time for next year's filing season.
The Division of Taxation began issuing payments on July 15 and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis as applications are received. Applicants can check the status/amount of their Senior Freeze reimbursement for 2019, 2020 and 2021 online.
Other pertinent information on the Senior Freeze program can also be found online:
Eligibility Requirements How to Apply Reimbursement Amounts for: Homeowners Mobile Home Owners Income Standards
Treasurer Muoio also encourages residents to learn more about the many other New Jersey property tax relief programs available.
The Monmouth County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) up to $15,000 for rental costs. It is strongly recommended that tenants and landlords work together on the applications to quickly receive relief funds.
Tax maps are available on the Monmouth County web site.


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